Filling in the gaps with closed cell foam

Extensive sealing with open or closed cell foam insulation may not be in your budget, but you still want to take advantage of the benefits of foam insulation. Weather Seal Spray Foam Solutions offers an air sealing service to create a seal to expel air and moisture with two inches of closed cell foam. This will allow you to keep the allergens, mold, moisture and cold air on the exterior of your home while maintaining the heat inside of your home with a less expensive form of insulation.

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3 reasons you should employ air sealing in your Yarmouth or Rangeley, ME home

We can spray 2" of closed cell foam to create a air seal as well as a moisture seal for your new home/addition/or remodel. This will boost energy savings, and still keep money in your budget for further projects.

  1. Save money on the full process of insulating your home
  2. Seals out moisture, air, allergens and mold without a large price tag
  3. Efficiently maintain temperature of your home

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