Sealing your home with open cell foam

Open cell insulating foam originates as a chemical mixture in a canister, which is sprayed by a professional through a heated hose and applied to the frame of a structure where sheets of fiberglass insulation would have otherwise been placed. Once sprayed into place, the foam expands, filling any spaces or cracks that would allow pollen, cold air or insects to creep in. Open cell foam insulation dampens sound and more effectively helps to maintain the temperature of your home than fiberglass insulation. Making sure that your home can better retain heat in the winter and keep the heat out in the summer will save you energy costs on temperature control.

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3 reasons you should employ open cell foam in your Yarmouth or Rangeley, ME home

OC foam works great as a sound proofer. It is much less expensive, but has a R factor about half of CC (R-4) We spray the cheaper OC foam over closed cell to meet code requirements in certain counties and towns.

  1. More cost effective than closed-cell foam and uses fewer resources
  2. Can be used to sound-proof your indoor spaces
  3. Seals out air, preventing allergens from getting into your home

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