• Mostly used for interior projects
  • Enhances sound deadening
  • Greater economical yield; uses less resources
  • Vapor/moisture permeable
  • For good heat resistance, R-value of 4.3 at 1"

open cell foam insulation in Cumberland County, ME

  • For both interior and exterior projects
  • Increases structural strength of the structure up to 300%
  • Vapor barrier at 2" thickness
  • For best heat resistance. R-value of 7.0 at 1"

closed cell foam insulation in Cumberland County, ME

  • Prevents air leakage
  • Decreases vapor transmission
  • Used in hybrid insulation systems
  • An affordable option when all foam is not an option

air sealing in Cumberland County, ME

Ask us about weekend and after hour foam installation.
This will make sure your builders and tradesmen won't lose any time on the job!

house in Cumberland County, ME with foam insulation

Spraying, Sealing and Strengthening

We are an owner-operated company with 15 years of contracting experience in Yarmouth, Rangeley, Augusta, and the rest of the state of Maine, where insulation is necessary for surviving the frigid New England winter weather. The same guys who answer the phone will visit your job site, estimate your job, and install your foam. The result is a service with very low overhead, allowing us to provide foam insulation services at very competitive prices.
We are also a registered vendor with Efficiency Maine. This is a state run program for rebates for making your home more efficient.

Choose Weather Seal Spray Foam Solutions and we'll provide you with a cost-effective way to keep your home warm during the winter months.

foam insulation to keep your house warm
entire home foam insulation

Transitioning To
Sprayed Foam Insulation

Spray foam is a rapidly growing force in insulation, with large advantages over fiberglass insulation. Today, close to 85% of homes are insulated with fiberglass, but more consumers are beginning to reap the energy efficiency benefits of foam insulation. The benefits of open and closed cell foam insulation include:

  • Higher effectiveness against extremely low temperatures
  • Little to no air leakage
  • Keeps out dust, pollen, and other airborne allergens
  • Over 80 years of expected lifetime compared to the 10-25 years expected of fiberglass
  • Greater sound-proofing capabilities


Our Process

Weather Seal Spray Foam Solutions can insulate your structure whether it is a new construction or a remodel. We love to get digital or a hard copy of scaled plans to measure the square footage of your space and give you a very competitive quote for your foam needs. We'll email you with a quote and potential scheduling dates, or, if you are working on a remodel, we'll schedule a visit to introduce ourselves, take measurements, and explain how foam insulation works, and give you a working estimate at the time of the site visit

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